Cambodia Outlook Conference (COC)


Cambodia’s Economic Prospects and Reform Priorities

This panel discussed Cambodia’s economic prospects for 2030, priority reforms, and key development strategies to employ. Distinguished speakers discussed the future growth strategy and roadmap for sustaining high economic growth and development.

Priorities for Sustainable Development and Social Progress

This panel focused on how Cambodia can not only sustain rapid economic growth but also shift towards higher quality development by particularly focusing on strengthening the public health system, ensuring environmental sustainability, improving governance and social justice, and enhancing human capital and gender empowerment. The discussion underlined what immediate priority actions and medium- to long-term strategic directions are needed.

How Can Cambodia Chart an Upgraded Development Path?

This panel reviewed how the country should pursue the necessary institutional and policy reforms needed for economic and social development. The discussion focused on how the government, business, civil society, and development partners can come together to pursue the necessary policies, institutional reforms, and mindset shifts to realize these changes. Finally, distinguished speakers commented on the national vision for the economy and society beyond the 2030 ambition.

The Way Forward: Key Messages for Reform and Action